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Allow "Unsafe" code to be profiled, by allowing them "by hand"

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Allow "Unsafe" code to be profiled, by allowing them "by hand"

Currently, using Delphi 64bit generated code the AS operator as well as for loops with constant integers generate code that is detected by AQTime as unsafe.


Nevertheless I want to be able to profile this code, or at least allow it to fire some trigger.


So the idea is to allow these "unsafe" routines to be "forcibly" instrumented by adding them in your project as "ignore unsafe" routines.

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Related to Case #00155347

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This seems to have been fixed in the 8.60 Version ( )


"Fixed: AQtime could mistakenly recognize 64-bit Delphi applications’ routines that contain exception-handing and typecasting code as unsafe. "

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