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Add support for multiple actions in the same method

Add support for multiple actions in the same method

While using AQTime Pro, I was trying to use Actions within AQTime to periodically capture fresh snapshots of my application.


I am basically setting up an action to Get Results when method FOO is Entered, and another action to Clear Results when method FOO is Exited. Unfortunately, when I try to launch the profiler, I get a message about this method being included in multiple actions.  Obviously, I can work around this by adding another method that gets called within FOO and associate one of the actions to that, but I would like to avoid having to do so if possible.


I was told by customer care that this funcationality (multiple actions in one method) is currently not supported.  I am requesting that it please be added in a future release.  At the very least a simple solution is to still maintain this restriction, but to add a new compound Action type that does both a “Get Result” and a “Clear Result”.


The version I was using that lacked the functionality I am requesting was AQTime 8.24 build 1261.


Thank you,




Hi Sergio,


thanks, that's a good request  make sense and more efficent.  We have added to the backlog and depending on demand and other considerations, will consider for an upcoming release.


bye for now,








Glad to see this is now on the radar.



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