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WSDL compliance

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WSDL compliance

I want to know if there is any way I can check if my response complies with my response defined in the wsdl. For instance I have a wsdl which states that in my response, I should have a element but when I see the actual response, I dont see any tag.

Is there something that would check my response schema and validate it against the schema defined in the wsdl.

hopefully my question makes sense since i am new to web services


Re: WSDL compliance

Hi Ali!

Yes, if you right click in the response window and choose "Validate" (or press alt+v) the response gets validated against the WSDL.

A likely option (and I am guessing a bit here) is that the response does not have to contain an element (it is not mandatory) if you go by the definition. It is not uncommon that there are very few mandatory fields in both requests and responses.

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