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SoapUI Stub performance

Occasional Contributor

SoapUI Stub performance

We are working on some performance tests and we seem to have a problem with the SoapUI mock services.

Is there any documentation of expected performance metrics from SoapUI mock services? Number or concurrent threads comes to mind.

Sorry, it's a bit vague but we're working in a restricted environment.

Re: SoapUI Stub performance


Depends a bit if you have scripts or more advanced dispatching options, but generally they should be extremely fast (< 5 ms).. can you give more details on your problems and/or your mockservice setup?



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Occasional Contributor

Re: SoapUI Stub performance

Thanks /Ole

As mentioned before, we're not sure if it is the Mockservice that is the main source of the problem. All I'm after is some benchmarking that might have been done.

The mockservice is very simple and returns a static response with a Sequence dispatch type.

The Mockservice is indeed very fast when sending sequential requests and to simulate backend processing we've added a response delay of 500ms.

Problems occur when performing a ramp up test up to 24 simultaneous users up to a total of 120 requests per second.

It might be the number of simultaneous connections to jetty, or some other network setting we're not aware of.

We have implemented a simple webservice to do the same task running in WebSphere and it is handling the requests fine.

Kind regards.

Re: SoapUI Stub performance

Hi Mark,

I've done some thread-related optimizations that might speed things up for you, please have a go at the upcoming nightly build to see if they improve the mockservice response times and let me know how it goes.

Thanks in advance!



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