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How to read property from calling testcase

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How to read property from calling testcase

I have created simple XML-RPC request for calling Testlink's API (I am using it for setting state of executed testcases: pass/fail). Each of my test is named according to its ID in Testlink, and this name is used as a parameter when calling Testlink's API. That XML-RPC request is source for special testcase (call it Integration) in ReadyAPI and my vision is that I will call this testcase as the last step of each testcase (via Run TestCase step). Problem is that in Integration testcase I am using ${} and during execution I need that this parameter will be filled not from Integration testcase but from testcase, which is calling it. Is it somehow possible to do this? Or can someone suggest me better way how to integrate Testlink with ReadyAPI?


Re: How to read property from calling testcase



I can suggest you the following approach:

1. Add a custom property for your test cases which will include the TestCase name (I couldn't get it work with the standard property Name).

2. Add another custom property for the Integration TestCase.

3. Add the Property Transfer Test Step and pass the value from the source TestCase to the Integration TestCase.

4. Add the Run TestCase step in the end of the source Test Case.

5. After this, you should be able to use the value from the Integration TestCase property.


Please see my sample video:


Maybe the process can be optimized. 

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