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3 months ago
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Zephyr Enterprise Vortex automation job should support JUnit files generated by robot framework

Robot framework is an industry wide standard test automation framework. Currently, Zephyr Enterprise Vortex jobs do not support JUnit output files generated by robot framework directly, thus, resulting in a parsing error or all test cases to be pass.  

The robot framework generates a JUNit output file containing self closing failure and property tags (<failure.../> and <property .. />)

When passing this file to a Suite automation job, it results in a parsing error since Zephyr expects the Junit file to have  <failure></failure> and <property></property> tags.

This creates a lot of overhead of converting the robot framework generated JUnit files to a format that is accepted by Zephyr vortex. 

It would be helpful if Vortex jobs supports the JUnit results file directly generated by robot framework.


  • Hello rsaxena,

    we do support any kind of Junit report even the one generated by the robot framework 

    Create your own parser by running this API

    Method :- POST
    End point :- /flex/services/rest/latest/parsertemplate
    Request Body :- 


    "name": "robot",

    "jsonTemplate": "[{\"statuses\":[{\"statusId\":\"2\",\"attachmentText\":\"Name: ${robot.suite.suite.test:name} \\nResult: ${robot.suite.suite.test.status:status} \\nMessage: ${robot.suite.suite.test.status}\",\"status\":\"${robot.suite.suite.test.status:status}\",\"statusString\":\"FAIL\"},{\"statusId\":\"1\",\"attachmentText\":\"Classname: ${robot.suite.suite:name} \\nTestcaseName: ${robot.suite.suite.test:name} \\nResult: ${robot.suite.suite.test.status:status}\",\"default\":true}],\"skipTestcaseNames\":\"\",\"packageName\":\"${robot.suite.suite:name}\",\"testcase\":{\"name\":\"${robot.suite.suite.test:name}\"},\"strict\":true}]"



    Let me know if the above work for you





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      govinddroliaIt is giving me parser error. I generated a robot framework output.xml file and used this template in my Vortex job, but it is giving me parser error. My XML file has the following structure:


      • Suite
        • Suite
      • Suite
        • Suite

      and so on..