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Evaluation Improvements Needed to Zephyr Enterprise

Evaluating Zephyr Enterprise the following observations for improvement are needed:

1. JIRA Integration requires a dedicated O Auth user, meaning another JIRA licensed user. 

2. Import from Zephyr Scale not smooth - Importing multiple test cases from Scale to Enterprise keeps failing. Able to import small chunks of tests, but not all tests. Ended up creating a test case and dumping xls file as attachment.

3. Tabbing not great in application - 

i. when tabbing from title it takes 3 clicks to see where tab is (version button). Not sure where cursor goes during first 2 tab presses.
ii. 7 tabs takes use to File/Images section but not sure where the presses between 3 and 7 go; no distinguishing cursor available. 6 tab just appears to scroll page.
iii. Can’t tab into test step section.
iv. Tabbing doesn’t work when trying to move from one Test Step section box to another.
4. Navigation - When going into a test case the side bar disappears and doesn’t allow users to switch tests very easily without having to go back to the list.
5. Navigation - After filling out the first text box “Test Steps” and trying to put cursor in 2nd “Test Data” or 3rd “Expected Results” text boxes a new step is added rather than moving to correct text field; use will have to be cognizant to click in the desired text box after the next step appears.
6. Custom field error message kept appearing on different clicks in the application, yet there were no custom fields set up. 
7. Attachments - When attaching the screenshot & trying to edit it to enter another one, makes it a little bit confusing if you don't see the cursor. Screenshot can be viewed with a scroll bar while in edit mode. ( multiple screenshots are not easy to view while in edit mode.
8. Environment field required; is not applicable for team.
9. Cloning cases doesn't make the newly made clone unique when initially cloned
10. Test steps aren't resuable from other tests unless copy/paste between tabs
11. Need to use advanced searching to pull in tests to current test plan from older test plans
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