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10 months ago
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Dashboard gadget for Cross project reporting for Test Automation

Currently there is no way easily report on an entire project, most gadgets are release based. 


It would be helpful to be able to make these dashboard gadgets report data for the entire project, to be able to compare automation efforts across entire projects 

- Test Automation Status 

- Test Automation Distribution 





  • Cross project reporting is something that we need for monthly release management. Currently, we need to create separate dashboard per project per release. It would be so helpful if we can have a general umbrella to present data to the leadership team. Our need is not just limited to the automation metrics. We would like to have capability to report all data cross functional projects such that execuction backlogs, number of test cases, defects that are created..etc.



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    Reporting is something we use so infrequently as it's a very manual process. If there was a way to bet higher level reports we'd actually start using them and sharing them out to upper management.