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8 months ago
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Automation: Create separate Test Phases for each execution under the same Test Cycle

Currently, Vortex allows either reusing the same Test Cycle/Test Phase for all executions, or creating a new Test Cycle for each execution.

However, as a User, I'd like to have Vortex creating separate Test Phases for each execution so that I can report on how many times the automation has been run.


OLD ID :- ZENT-I-247


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    I'm in favor for this feature request!

    Some background why we need something like this. In my case a 'Script-Automation' job in the vortex is triggered from a Github-action. So, when Development creates a pull-request, a specific Test Phase is run that tests this pull-requests.

    In the Test Execution I want to see a list of every re run of that specific Test Phase. At this moment, this is only possible by manually creating a new Test Phase and changing the Github-action. This gives us a lot of overhead and is just not managable.

    A feature like this would bring so much value to Zephyr Enterprise as Test Management and Automation tool!

    Extra: If reporting allows, it would then be possible to get an overview of the re run's of the Test Phase over the software development cycle. See image below for an example