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2 years ago
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Ability to 'Search and Map' to improve usability while mapping test cases and Requirement

Currently, when the User Maps the Requirement to Testcase and Testcase to requirement there is no search and map of the entity. So the user has to go to each and every folder and then map the Testcase or requirement

on the pop-up to map test cases or map requirements, give the user the ability to either browse through the directory structure or search.


External ID:- ZENT-I-125


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    Adding filtering/auditing options to testcase selection for testplan creation would improve Zephyr tremendously.   Moving from TestRail to Zephyr and not having the ability to do filtering based on multiple fields has impacted my DQA team tremendously.  

  • this is a good feature to have. it is very tedious to go through each folder.