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5 months ago
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Ability to reorder test cases within test planning

As a tester, When creating a 'free form' test phase,  I would like the option to rearrange my test cases in a specific order for testing. 

When planning a free-from phase, selecting "maintain hierarchy" only maintains the folder structure; the test cases are placed in a random order after being added. 




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    Currently, the "Order ID" of a test case can only be altered within the Test Repository. We would like to also be able to edit the "Order ID" of a test case within Test Planning.

    Background: A project team is currently building test scenarios within Zephyr Enterprise. These test scenarios are comprised of multiple test cases that must be executed sequentially. The team is utilizing the "Order ID" field to indicate the sequence of test cases that need to be executed within a folder in the Test Repository. When creating phases within Test Planning, the team is using the Test Repository Phase feature in Test Planning to mimic the structure and order of the test cases within the test repository. However, because many of the team's test scenarios contain duplicative test cases (such as "log in", "navigate to this application", "fill out requisition"), the team has had to create multiple clones a single test case to suit this approach. The team has attempted to use the Create New functionality in Test Planning to circumvent the need to create clones of testcases, but there is no way to alter the "Order ID" of test cases within Test Planning.

    Ask: Implement functionality within Test Planning in Zephyr Enterprise that allows users to manually alter the "Order ID" of test cases within phases that have been created through the Create New functionality.