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6 months ago
New Idea

Ability to reorder folders and entities.

Creating folder hierarchies and organizing test sets/cases/requirements etc is a large part of keeping our repos clean and legible. Without the ability to reorder these folders and entities we are forced to use alphabetical prefix that make reading folders more difficult at a glance, or be stuck with disorganized cases (or manually adding them to sets one by one in the right order for potentially thousands of cases) because a new test case was added that is showing in last place when it should come after the 50th case for example.

Added an example below with names for visibility, Test Case 1 and 2 were initially created, and then a new feature or change order came in that added a new case (1.5). In our ordering, 1.5 comes before 2 can be run but because it was created later it's automatically sent to the bottom (sorted by ID). Again our option becomes to prefix them with an ordering of IDs and sort by name which is much more tedious and harder to manage.

It becomes especially rough when it comes in 50-100-200+ test cases later, or finding it afterwards to create execution sets.

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