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7 years ago
New Idea

Suppress automatic description fill during recording of a keyword test (keep it blank).

After recording a keyword test, the first thing I do is blank out the description for every new line.  Here's why:


  1. The concocted description gives no added value. You can look at the other three columns and figure things out easily.
  2. When I want to override the concocted description with my own comment, it blends with the other lines that have concocted descriptions, thus, camouflaging my descriptions that I want other testers to see easily.
  3. Having unnecessary descriptions bloats (a wee little bit at a time) files that have to be checked in to source control.

So the idea in baxatob's community post is great and would meet my needs.  A variation of this idea would be an all-time option to enable or disable.  If it is enabled, you could press an option to blank out concocted descriptions in all lines of the current test after it has been recorded (excluding lines that have already been manually edited, which is already being tagged as in the keyword test file as DescriptionEdited="True").


(One might say I should use Comments to do what I am wanting.  However, I use "Comments" to introduce a section of operations, and Description to give explanation on a specific line of code as needed. So, I use both Comments and Description)


(Note: This idea pertains only to Keyword Testing, not converting a Keyword Test to a script, which does have a mechanism to strip out Description.)

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