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8 years ago
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Routines with duplicate name were found - If units are having references

Hi Team,


 It is good to have, TestComplete should say - "Routines with dublicate name were found" If units are having references.


Scenario is that -


We have multiple script units and they are having references of each other.  Let's say Unit A , Unit B and Unit C.


In Unit A, we have a Function/Routine let's say Addition(a, b) its adding two numbers. (addition operation)


In Unit B, we have same Function/Routine let's say Addition(a, b) here adding two number (concatenation here)


In Unit C, I am calling routine Addition(10, 20)


Note - Unit C is having reference of Unit A and Unit B.


In this case it is very hard to understand which routine is executing in Unit C, & what it would be done Addition or concatenation .


I am requesting an feature - If units are having references and we are trying to create another routine with same name and arguments then it should say something like - Routines with duplicate name were found 

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