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Named "Tested Application" can be used as a variable

Issue: Application parameters, version and paths change. i.e. the Application Path and version change when a new version of the tested application is released for testing.


The Smartbear documentation states that the list of tested applications will appear under the drop-down in the Application path field. However, this list appears to be a list of cached strings that were previously entered by the user. We call "Run Remote Device" in every test, we were hoping to use a named Tested Application as a variable so we can change the application path using the tested application list, so we don't have to manually update every test when the application version changes.


We were under the impression that we could create a named "Tested Application" and the Keyword Tests would point to that named Tested Application, So when we need to test a new version of the application all we had to do was update the Application Path in the named "Tested Application" and all tests pointed to that named "Tested Application" would point to the new path. Using the named "Tested Application" as a variable of sorts. The last thing we want to do is manually update several hundred test cases every time we need to test a new version of our application.

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