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3 years ago
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Microsoft Webview2 is not supported by TestComplete.

TestComplete is unable to detect any element for desktop application screens developed using Microsoft WebView2.
TestComplete must support Microsoft WebView2.


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    Same for us! We really need WebView / WebView2 support.

  • WebView2 is needed as without enabling this feature we wont be able to access many features of the WEB EMR

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    Any action on updating this feature? Most of the new applications are using the Webview2. We need this feature to start our automation.

  • We also need this feature and its a blocker for us.

  • We also need this feature and its a blocker for some Tests

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    We also need this feature and its a blocker for us. 

    Any specific reason why this support is never a part of Testcomplete folio ? 

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    as Chromium Embedded is no more supported i would like to use  Microsoft Edge WebView2 but it is not supported also.
    i 'm not able to stay in old version of CEF to prevent any security issue .

    What do you propose to use instead of it?

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      We also need full support for WebView2. At least I can construct all my name mapping manually now and limp along. It looks like I'm able to record as well, but those test steps and related name-mappings are not usable. 

      Its been two years since the original post, so I'm cautiously optimistic?