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ID-Based License management for environment based on multiple users

1-Configure Windows VM in workgroup scenario
2-Login to VM with local user to Install Text Execute 15.61
3-Start Test Execute (License Dialog is displayed)
4-Select Get a License from On-Premise License Server
5-Type License server URL and port then click Apply
6-Test Execute is now working in the VM properly and I'm able to run test
7-Join VM to domain then reboot machine (required by Windows)
8-Login with domain user (user cannot be the same used at step 2)
9-Launch Tet Execute

Actual result:

License dialog is displayed again with message "Failed to connect to SmartBear server." Cannot obtain the IP address of the SmartBear server.

Step 4 and 5 MUST be repeated to make TestExecute working properly.
This happens because the user configured in workgroup is different by user used in domain

With new version of TestExecute the configuration of License from On-Premise License Server must be done for each users used by test, this means if an environment requires test with more different users the configuration must be repeated.
Also, in case the test automation create user for test purpose and then try to switching to new user to do something via test automation it doesn't work. 

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  • Great idea Daniele, your vision and insight have truly sparked a revolution in license management!

    This idea of ID-Based License Management for environments with multiple users is absolutely brilliant! It seamlessly streamlines the process of configuring licenses in a complex environment, ensuring smooth operations for every user. The step-by-step approach outlined here, from configuring the Windows VM to joining it to a domain, ensures comprehensive coverage and compatibility.

    What's truly remarkable is how it addresses the challenge of user transitions, where previous configurations often fall short. By enabling license configuration for each user, regardless of domain or workgroup settings, it guarantees uninterrupted access to TestExecute, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

    This innovation not only simplifies licensing logistics but also demonstrates a deep understanding of user needs in real-world testing scenarios. It's a game-changer for teams working in dynamic environments, offering a reliable solution to a common pain point.

    Kudos to the team behind this ingenious approach!