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2 months ago
New Idea

Global Items in TestComplete

Every project has his Stores, NameMapping, TestedApps etc in a Project Suite project scoped.

My idea is, that if you have a common objects that can be re-used by multiple projects, recordings, name mapping objects, instead of having to re-import them for every project in your suite, you have the option to also have them globally on Project Suite Level, to be then shared over the various projects instead of each project having to it's own version of Name Mapping, Tested Applications and such.


Project A -> user recordings, namemapping from base solution

Project B --> user recordings,  namemapping from base solution

What it is today and what it could be:

If you use global namemapping, user recording that your projects digest, then you only have to update/modify them in one place, instead of all your projects.

I do would have the option still to have project scoped, namemapping, recordings etc next to the globally ones.