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2 years ago
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dotNET command to support .NET 6.0 and later

In the Test Complete help page on 'Calling Functions From .NET Assemblies' at https://support.smartbear.com/testcomplete/docs/testing-with/advanced/using-external-functions/calling-from-dotnet-assemblies.html it states:


Calling functions from .NET assemblies is not supported for .NET Core and .NET 5.0 - 6.0 applications.


This is a big gap in support. We are trying to move our application from running on .Net framework (4.72) to .NET 6.0, so all our assemblies will be built for .NET 6.0, meaning we can no longer call them from Test Complete. We use the dotNET command extensively in Test Complete. Our tests will not work without the dotNET command working with .NET 6.0 assemblies.

I am sure this must be a problem for other Test Complete users, given that there is a big trend now to move to the newest .NET version and not be stuck on .NET framework which is now a legacy framework with performance problems. 


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    We have the same problem here. We also cannot call our .NET assemblies anymore when moving to .NET6. .NET4 is not safe. I support your idea

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    We have same issue. We would like to use common library which is built using .NET6.0. 

    Would be great if we get support.