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8 years ago
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Create an analogue of the Browser/Data-driven Loop operations that can be applied to the Test Items



As the Test Items tree is the primary means for tests organizing, it will be pretty handy if you guys implement an analogue of the Browser Loop and Data Driven Loop operations that can be put at any location within Test Items tree (i.e. as a root item or as some sub-node) and handle execution if its child items.

To make things even more perfect, those analogues should be parameterized (via e.g. Project Variables) - i.e. it should be possible to dynamically specify what, say, browsers must be included in the Browser Loop analogue.







  • Thank you, Alex. This is a very good suggestion and I will add it to our weekly discussion of enhancements.


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    Hi, I agree.

    when organizing Test Items, it is now applicable to set parameters values to variables with type = DB Table; yet it is not possible to specify the Column parameter need to refer to.

    while within test steps, when setting a value to  variables with type = DB Table, next step option of specifying the column is available.