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9 years ago
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Copy/Paste of KeyWord test items does not copy the bitmaps of the TestVisualizer

When recording a keyword test, the recorder automatically saves the screen shots of my test application, which are shown in the the Test Visualizer.
If I copy one of those recorded test item to another KeywordTest, the recorded screen shots are not being copied.

Especially if you cut and paste the item, you'll lose the bitmap information completely.


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    You can always play the test back with the update visualizer frames option enabled.

    Tool > Current Project Properties > Visualizer > Update

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    Copy / pasting keyword test logic, should NOT include Test Visualizer images by default, in my opinion! Those are really different entities, and not be combined in copy/paste functions

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    mgroen2: Technically your might be right, that the images do not belong to the test item entities, but practically the images help documenting the test steps (sometimes better than the descriptions) and therefore it would help not dropping them.


    cunderw: Thank you for the hint with the Update option. I can use it as a work around.


    (Sorry for the late response)