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7 years ago
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Are you sure you want to close TestComplete? If you accidentally close.....



I would like to request an enhancement in TestComplete.


I occasionally manage to accidentally close TestComplete. Whilst I accept this as human error it would be great if the software didn't allow you to close it so easily. If, for instance, you are given an "Are you sure?" message, it would prevent a painful and frustrating situation from occurring. Once you accidentally hit the X in the top right hand corner, that's it and you have to wait for it to close, then re-open the application and the project suite, which not only interrupts what you were working on but means you have to wait for it to reload.


This has happened to me a couple of times so far in the past few months and I understand my predecessor also experienced this but never raised it.


If there could be another step in the closing down process, i.e. to get a message appear with "Are you sure you wish to close TestComplete?" or words to that affect, it would prevent this from happening and would allow the user to make 100% that it is truly desired.


Many thanks


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    FYI, If you have any unsaved data then it will prompt a dialog for save. Hope you know it already :smileyhappy:

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    Hi Shankar_R,


    Yes, I've seen this already. Also if you have made changes and the test has been re-run it saves automatically.


    When you close TestComplete with no changes to save it simply closes, whether it is desired or not. It strikes me as a major user action, therefore, to have a safe guard in would be a reasonable behaviour to have.


    Thanks for your reply!



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    Well... MS Word doesn't prompt on close... neither does Visual Studio... nor Excel... Nor MS Paint... nor SQL Management Studio... basically, the assumption for most applications is that you clicked the X... you want to close it.

    While it's a bit of a longer startup than many applications if you need to re-run it, it seems to be pretty standard that, unless it's an application that remains running in the background if you just minimize (kinda Systray like GreenShot or otherwise).  


    I agree it would be nice... but I don't see it as strictly necessary nor as something that matches general industry standards.

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    A couple of times in a few months doesn't sound so bad to me, but if you're really concerned about it, just add an empty folder or test when you first go into TC and then if you accidentally close it, you'll always get the prompt mentioned above.
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    Requiring an extra click to close an app is bad UX. A prompt when a user has unsaved changes is a protection against losing the work. But an extra click every time a user exits the app is annoying, it interrupts the normal flow and may result in habitually clicking Yes in any prompts.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone.


    I like the idea of minimising TC. This might be enough to help me out. Although, like you say Marsha_R, it hasn't been a large amount of times that this has happened, it's more the annoyance when it does happen rather than the frequency.


    I see your point too HKosova but I don't agree that all extra clicks are bad UX. An 'extra click' whatever it may be, may actually improve the UX. It's all subjective ;) Thanks for your comment.