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7 years ago
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Allow override Aliases on cammo case, or allow editting of "default" mapped objects

In my case, the mapped object will try their best to create the variable name. However, having the text start with a lower case works against our name mapping best practices.

for example, if i have page > form > button

The engine will create the following mapped objects.

 - formLoginform
  - textboxUsername


in my case we do not like the lower case.

So in order to fix this, i have to

 - Right click on the mapped object, click rename

 - Change the first character to be capitalized

 - Click yes

 - Realize that just changing the capitalization isn't good enough, and the application prevents me

 - Right click the mapped object, click rename

 - change the first character to be capitalized and add a random 2nd character

 - click yes

 - right click the mapped object, click rename

 - remove the added character

 - Click yes


Now do this for all 500 objects you have mapped.

It would be easier if changing the capitalization of a mapped object can override the aliases.

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    Proper use of name mapping should be manually mapping the objects anyway. You're going to have to modify the properties of each mapped object, so using automatic mapping is not a good approach to begin with.