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3 years ago
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Add QT 6 support

Please add QT 6 support. 


Our company has been using TestComplete for a decade for testing our QT application.  We have been updating QT along the way and now need to to update QT 6 so we need to TestComplete to also update their support.  We have thousands of man hours of work into our scripts at this point and having to switch to a different software would be a painful experience and would take likely years to get us back to where we are now.

QT is a major player in Desktop Testing so I don't think they are going away anytime soon.


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    Yes, we need Test Complete to support QT 6, if it doesn't, Test Complete is no longer a useful tool for our companies test automation strategy.  We have been a long time SmartBear customer as well, but without QT 6 support, we will be forced to look into other test automation tools.

  • Since more than a year has passed since the previous message, I am curious if the latest versions of TestComplete support QT6?