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7 years ago
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Ability to copy project files to slave selectively

It would be nice where to be able to selectively copy project files down to the slave pc.

For example, instead of copying down the whole project I would be able copy down a directory or file.


This would save a lot of time being that it sometimes takes close to 5 minutes to copy down project to slave.




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    Which files did you have in mind?  One of the things about TestComplete projects is that the many files are interdependant.  You may be able to copy down the MDS, the Script Files, and the NameMapping file... but the MDS file will generate errors that it can't find other files it is supposed to have, like tcObjects or Stores.

  • For example, we have all our tests in a folder which contains excel files.


    If we only change a .sj script file or one of the excel files. It would be nice to just be able to copy down just those files. Especially, if we know that the dependent files did not change or do not require a change

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    Ah, gotcha... so, it's not as much a selective copy as a differential copy... only copy those files that have changed since the last test run.  That makes more sense.

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    Have you thought about using subversion source control?


    TortoiseSVN is free and integrates with Testcomplete.


    Have your trunk version which your "Slave PC" can read from, then checkout on your working PC/s to make your changes, after they are committed the "Slave" only has to download the changes made.