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2 years ago
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Support for teams in user-management-api.

The User Management and Registry AIs are very useful - but I'm missing any way of viewing or manipulating team membership.


For a specific use case - my organisation is shared among a number of teams that don't have much to do with each other. I want to be able to do things like report on all users in a team, the type of license currently assigned to them, and when they last logged in. The user management API allows me to do most of that, but I can only get the results for the entire organisation - I can't limit it to just the users I'm responsible for.


So, the two main things that would be useful:

  • The existing operation for listing organisation members needs a "filter by team" parameter.
  • Some new operations are needed for listing (and optionally, modifying) the members of a team.

It would also be nice if "last active time" was one of the sort options for the API.

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