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4 years ago
New Idea

Some feedback

  • Sort order needs to be remembered (ideally it would be remembered across sessions - I almost always want the list sorted by name, not by changed date).
    - Change the sort order
    - Click on one of the API's
    - Click the <- arrow to go back to the list.
    - Click on the API / Domains on the left menu, suddenly it has reset back to sort by change date.
  • It would be nice if the column to the right of Summary info/Tags/Servers on an API was collapsible (so you could see the info in the list and the full API - you don't always need the summary/tag/server details). This would let you still click on the API methods to scroll to them but not take up horizontal space.
  • It would be nice if there was a way to see where (which API calls) a given model/schema was being used in.
  • Your plan pricing is weird. Only 20 API's for a plan that can have up to 3 designers? We're a tiny team and we're already at 17 of them just after loading the API's provided to us from one of our third-party vendors. We won't even have enough API's if we start importing our own. Our main use case for the site is being able to easily share/view the Swagger docs provided to us vs. us designing our own (which, even if we wanted to, we couldn't use because of the really low API limit).
  • It would be more useful if the "Search within MyHub" could search within the API's as well. We run into the scenario where we are looking for something within a microservice and can't remember which one of the 17 different Swagger docs we have has a particular API call. ex. we might know it's called "validate" (something) but can't remember how the vendor organized it. Right now we have to click into each API and look for it / use the search from there.