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8 years ago

Persistence of Integrations at the API (not version) and organizational levels

We have several APIs and in order to integrate these with Azure and BitBucket, I have to provide the integration details on every API version; which gets daunting.  I'd like to be able to set this at the API container level or organization level so I don't have to reset them again.


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    This has been implemented for Source Control integrations (GitHub, BitBucket, Azure DevOps, GitLab)

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    I also would find this feature useful - particularily the templating - as I want to do this: sync each API with a folder in the same repo in Git Azure DevOps with the path /APIs/<<API_NAME>>/<<Version>>, presently I will need to configure each one of these separately. Thanks.

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    Yes, please add this feature. We're planning to use the SwaggerHub to keep track of all of our internal APIs, probably close to 50. Imagine having to fill out all the integration plugin forms by hand for multiple integrations per api per version.


    Maybe then also introduce some kind of variable substitution in the plugin configurations. The `branch` name for the SCM plugins could then be configured as `swaggerhub-${apiVersion}` for instance?


    As an intermediate option perhaps it could be an idea to offer the user the option to copy integrations from another version?