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3 years ago
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Hello guys, i try to use the option 'OAuth2'(type 'Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant') and somehow causes 'Failed to retrieve access token. See logs for details...'

the logs are  no more detailed '

  • Wed Apr 13 12:20:55 EEST 2022: ERROR: An error occurred [org.apache.oltu.oauth2.common.exception.OAuthSystemException: OAuthProblemException{error='invalid_request', description='Missing parameters: access_token', uri='null', state='null', scope='null', redirectUri='null', responseStatus=0, parameters={}}], see error log for details'
  • If a set the request for access token in separate request it is up and running, as an embed Auth Profile it meets this error. If someone already met such trouble and have a solution? 



  • Turns out 'Apigee' is not compatible with this protocol. Mandatory requires POST request.

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    the error responseStatus=0 is the highest problem, it seems that the url is not reachable from your computer or is locked, you should at least receive one of the following responseStatus:

    400 (bad request)

    401 (unauthorized)

    404 (not found)
    Please check the documentation of the OAuth2 service that you are trying to connect and check the status code 0 meaning