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5 years ago
New Idea

Allow longer resource to be used.

Currently (this is SoapUI 5.5.0) when we create a new GET type REST project with a long URL, this is correctly separated into the fields Endpoint, Resource, Parameters.

However, when the resource is a long one, this is unceremoniously and without warning dropped when sending the request to the server! Of course the server usually responds with an error of some kind, like a http 500. This makes for some headaches and hair-pulling the first few times one encounteres this behaviour. You at some point notice that the raw request is missing the resource section, but that realization may take some time.

Of course the work-around is to move the resource part to the Endpoint, but really, it's not becoming for a respected product like SoapUI to behave like that.

The feature request is therefore to always use the information in the resource field when consuming a REST type web service.


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