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5 years ago
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SoapUIPro - option for alternative colour-coding of test step/case outcomes (for colour-blind users)

I use SoapUIPro and whilst the product is fantastic it unfortunately is very inefficient for me to use due to the colours used to indicate test case/step outcomes.


I'm red-green colour blind (as would be 8% of all your users), so I have no idea which steps have passed (green) or failed (red) without clicking into each one to see if assertions have failed.


It would be great if there was an option in your UI for alternative colour-coding that is red-green colour blind proof (e.g. if a pass was indicated by blue instead of green).




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  • Oh and by the way, I have found and am using the setting "colour blind mode" setting. But it appears to only apply at the test case level. For most colour blind people this won't really make a difference as it's the smaller colour-coded test step outcomes that are the problem. 


    The same solution as above needs to be applied to the test step icons.


    Thanks in advance,