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8 years ago
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Running testcases/testsuites in parallel should a configurable limit - ReadyAPI

There should be a configurable limit to run testcases in parallel inside a suite, which should also be available for testsuite level. 

There is a performance issue with ReadyAPI 1.6.0 Mac, due to which some teststeps do not even run when running more that 1k testcases in parallel. I have around 1500 testcases categorized in 29 testsuites, and if I run all testcases in parallel inside a testsuite, some of the testcases do not show up any result or simply fail. And if I run that failed teststep again, then the testcase pass.


It would be really helpful to have a configurable variable at test suite level, like, it allows only 5 testsuites to run in parallel. And same at testcases level, which limits the parallel execution of the testcases to a number.

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