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6 years ago

ReadyAPI 2.5.0 moved the soap/rest request run button's position - Please put it back on the left

Current Change:

In ReadyAPI 2.5.0, the soap and rest request run button, and for test steps Add Assertion button were tweaked to make them more prominent (they now include text labels). This itself is fine.

However, as part of this change the position of the buttons was also moved.  They're now on the right-side of the destination URI instead of the left side.



Please put the buttons back to the left-hand side of the URI.


Reasoning for it's usefulness:

1. It's inconsistent design. The run button was ONLY moved to the right side for request test steps and operations. However, test cases, test suites, and JDBC test steps all still have the play button on the left-hand side.  This breaks the consistency of the run button placement--people will now sometimes have to go to the left to run, and sometimes go to the right, all depending on what's being run.


2. Long-term users are also extremely used to the run button being on the left side, so it's a nuisance to have to keep moving over to the right side now to use it, when we habbitually go to the left-hand side first.


3. There was no need to move the buttons to the right--it didn't help increase the visibility of the buttons, and it doesn't provide any new benefits.


4. It also breaks certain usage patterns where I sometimes open a test request on a left pane, then one or two other validiton checks to the right of that, and they hit the run buttons from left to right while I'm trouble-shooting something. This works nicely when all buttons are placed on the left-hand side of their tabs.


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    1) I agree totally with the suggestions. Especially since the "Play" button is still on the left in Test Cases, Test Suites, Data Sources, Load tests, you name it.


    2) As a principle: Moving often-used UI-elements around is generally a very bad idea. You can change the text, the icon or the color, but NEVER move it.

    Users have learnt during years of use where it is. It is like moving the gas pedal from right to left in a car. (But in this case, only in some situations....)




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    As of now run button exists on both left- and right-hand sides.