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4 years ago
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ReadyAPI - Make it easy to search for content in a page of the online documentation

Many ReadyAPI documentation pages collapse/hide the content under a topic heading. I guess this is to give a neat overview of the topics in the page. You can expand/reveal this content by clicking the + button to the left of the topic heading. Similarly, you can click the - button to hide it back. Example - https://support.smartbear.com/readyapi/docs/functional/steps/groovy.html

Some topics, have sub-topics and these sub-topics have their own sub-topics i.e. sub-sub-topics. Currently, there is no way to expand/reveal all the content under a topic heading. For example, see the topic "Working with" in the above link. I wish the page had a button to reveal all the content and their nested contents also. That way, I can easily search for some word with ctrl+f. Otherwise, I have to manually reveal each sub-topic under a topic by clicking the + buttons. This is time consuming and irritating.

Alternately, you could provide an option to only searches the page. It should be able to find content even in the hidden part of the page.

Please fix this!

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    This doesn't look like a feature or value add to the tool.


    Of course, this seems to be on documentation side. I understand that one would seach for a keyword or about a topic. And the documentation is browser based, and requires to load the contents based on the user need.


    Having expand and close might need to fetch lot more data which obviously need more time and resources and after all ee user don't know how much they need or not, IMO.