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6 years ago

"Find" or "Search" feature accross multiple steps and places

I'm using ReadyAPI 2.5.0.

Please implement a feature where I can search for text pieces accross all test steps, regardless their types.

Right now I can do this by searching through the xml project files, but it's clearly not the best (or most friendly) option.


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    There is already a ReadyAPI plugin that adds the search functionality.

    Just goto menu File->Plugins and install The "Full Text Search Plugin".

    When installed (and ReadyAPI re-started) the search function is available in workspaces using Ctrl-F or menu File->Search


    At least this works in ReadyAPI version 2.1.0

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    Hi, yes, great feature request! I'd like to add: wherever I declare a property (project, testSuite, testCase level) I want to be able to find this back easily. Just like in an IDE I want to be able to find the source where I did this declaration (i.e. in IntelliJ by clicking ctrl+B).

    Use Case: I do a rest request A to retrieve some values. One of those values (="X") I write to a property by using testRunner.setPropertyValue "propX".

    Some test Suites down the road I assert against that particular property value propX. During a run this assertion suddenly fails, as propX no longer has a value. This was probably due to a change in request A, but I want to be able to find back where exactly I can retrieve the declaration of "propX".