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8 years ago
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Feature for comparing datasources

Would be helpful & efficient if there was a simpler way to compare datasources, especially when working with large data sets where multiple calls to db/json wouldnt be practical. 


Scenario - Taking the results of a jdbc query & putting it into a datasource file. Then taking the results of a json query & putting that into a datasource file. Now compare the 2 datasource files to make sure the values match.


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    This is nothing but just comparing two files and there could be numerous possibilities of data used in file and it's highly difficult to have generic solution. Rather it would be simple to write script to compare for specific data (structure).


    Even if you take your case of two different data sources, it will be evident.


    Also the product support different data sources including groovy etc where isn't applicable to compare at all. 


    Comparison is always data specific, not a generic solution.

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    I have the same hickup here. That would, indeed, be a great job!