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Default environment usable as an actual environment

Hello, in one of the recent versions we pretty much lost the ability to use the "default environment" as a real environment. It was even renamed to "no environment". I've used it as the "development" one and I was creating extra one for the higher -  "test" environment. Now the default environment can't be really used to set up authorization to given endpoints for our APIs. I can't even copy it as a template for a new environment, meaning i have to create a new one from the scratch. Having to do that in multiple projects with plenty of API's and custom properties means huge extra time commitment to manage projects in our company's department. 

Can you please unlock the ability to clone this default environment and set authorization /proxy for the APIs?

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    New Idea

    Hello, sorry to hear that you are having issues. "No Environment" was previously known as "Default Environment" and if you want to configure Auth at a highlevel it can be done from the Auth Manager:


    The copy option was removed when we made the Environment changes but due to the amount of feedback we will be adding it back within the next couple of release. Again thank you for your feedback and let us know if you have more questions.