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7 years ago

Cloning always adds 'Copy Of ..' to the name.

Any clone/move renames testcases/suites/steps to 'Copy of'. That is unnecessary if moved to a location, where no copies of them exists.

Why not let me clone one or more  teststeps, select a destination, and THEN check if one with the same name exists, and if it does, then let me decide on the name?


It is especially annoying when cloning multiple objects, as you can't rename these before the cloning. And it gets even more annoying when you clone TestCases, as the new clone's file on the disk is then named 'Copy of'... ' and if you do not want mismatch between the TC name in ReadyAPi and on the disk (relevant when commiting to GitHub), you then have to manually rename the files on the disk afterwards.