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Clone authentication profiles

It would be convenient to be able to clone an authentication profile, both within and between projects.


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    gruve which version of SoapUi are you using? The open source-free version or SoapUI Pro (= ReadyAPI!)? I don't know for the free version but I'm using ReadyAPI! and there is a possibility to inherite the Authorization on different levels.

    If you create an Authentication on Project level, you'll be able in the AuthorizationManager to tell it that everything underneath that project needs to inherite from the parent. As thus, You only have to add Authentication 1 time.

    As such.





    Does this help?




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    AAB Thanks for the reply, i appreciate it. My question wasn't very clear - you reply mentioned how to *apply* an auth profile to multiple requests in a project (and I use that already). btw, I'm using ReadyAPI/SoapUI Pro.

    Here, more specifically are the scenarios I'm asking about:

    1. I have an OAuth2 authentication profile in a project that points to our Dev environment. I want the same profile, but pointing to our Test environment. The configuration is the same except for the token URL.

    2. I have a project that has OAuth2 authentication profiles used for API_1. I have a different project that tests API_2 but also includes API_1 for setting up tests.

    Again, I'd like to be able to clone the profiles from the first project to the second.


    It's not that difficult to take a screen shot of the first profile and type the same info into the second. but there are other places in ReadyAPI that let you clone objects and I think it would handy to have that ability here.

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    gruve Ok, got it now, thanks for the explanation and well thought. It  would be indeed more easy to have this.

    I'm kudoing  ;-) 

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    There is an existing feature request in our DB (Internal ID: RIA-1384)