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10 years ago
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QAComplete - add the Priority of Test Cases to the Test Runner window

I would like to add the Test Case Priority parameter displaying at the Test Runner window. Now, is not displayed and it is not possible to change by application administrator settings.


We need to see it, when we work with test cases at running test set, because we have the different priority test cases in the one test set and when run started, we choose the test cases one by one by their priority, ideally. And we don`t use a way to dispense a test cases by a priority to separate test sets.


Please join this proposal to change.

Thanks Jana


  • Hi Jana -

    We looked into providing a "screen layout" for the test runner and it proved to be a larger issue than we expected.

    However, adding a Priority column to the list of tests in the Test Runner sounds much simpler.

    Let's see if we have other users who would find it helpful to have the Test Priority displayed. Comments, anyone?