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8 years ago
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Provide a way to bulk/automatically delete stale open reviews

I've found that our CC instance had a significant amount of open reviews, some over two years old with no activity. Some were "false starts" where people had created the review but didn't upload files or add reviewers. I had to manually go to each and delete as there didn't appear to be a way to do that in bulk.


It would be great if there were a way to bulk or automatically delete open reviews older than a certain amount of time. Perhaps the system can notify review participants that the review is in danger of being deleted a week prior.


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    Hello All,


    Not sure if this got addressed or if anyone in another forum suggested better method, but I am in a position, where as a part of clean up process, where I require to delete multiple reviews. (ofcourse all reviews are in planning phase only). Is there a way to do this efficiently? Deleting one-by-one is a pain.




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    HI robat3ds 


    Glad to know that I am not alone 🙂 I'm in a same position as you are - requiring to remove false reviews created that has not activity since two years.. I have a list but deleting one by one is too much pain to bear