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10 years ago
New Idea

Managing Custom Fields in a large organization need improvement

Moving new items around is cumbersome with the current Collaborator UI.

Being able to Move an item up/down multiple times, or drag and drop it to a new position would be very helpful. However, the clutter with irrelevant fields of other groups using collaborator makes management very cumbersome. A filter showing only items used by a group (or particular templates) would be helpful. A better idea is allowing the custom fields to be assigned to a group, then I can select the group of custom fields I need to modify. Right down when a company as a large number of fields created, it becomes very difficult to maintain because it is not organized, and it difficult to position new fields if they need to move far away from the bottom.

Another strategy would be to allow a new field to be inserted above/below a selected custom field. Then I don't have to move it at all