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3 years ago
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ITAR/Export Control

Would like the ability to identify and restrict access to Reviews containing Export/ITAR restricted data.


Recommend having the option to identify a Group as ITAR restricted or non-ITAR, which would then activate a corresponding field for each user in the group. User accounts should also allow this property to be selected independently from the group. An "Export Restriction" field would get added to Reviews and when that field has "ITAR" selected, it prevents any users with the non-ITAR property on their account from accessing the review.

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  • Does anyone here have any information on using Swagger API for dealing with data that may involve ITAR information?  We are working with a software application that is highly restricted. Will be good to know if Smartbear/Swagger has any policies in place similar to dealing with GDPR and privacy information. If anyone can comment on this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.