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9 years ago

Full audit history of a given review

One thing that would be good to have in reporting is the ability to get the full audit history of a given review.

Currently the review report only gives you the current status and history of defects and attachments I believe.


For instance, recently we had a case where a review was created, then cancelled and re-opened multiple times, before being cancelled again.


The built-in report only shows the last status of cancelled, but also doesn't say who cancelled it. Having looked at the review event table, the actions could not be linked to the user at all.


The only other way to do this is currently to check the notifications table, if that is not being archived/cleaned up. That or set up a custom notification to populate a table. But this would be good to have built-in.


  • Hi Francois


    If you use the following link you should get most of the information which will also show the cancelling of a review


    <collaborator server: port>/go?page=ReviewTimeline&reviewid=<review #>




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    The report listed above is almost what I need.  Is there a way to display which user made the changes to the state of the review?