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9 years ago

Edit / completely delete your own comments and defects

I want to be able to edit or completely delete (with no trace) comments and defects I have added.


Strikout is not a good alternative; it wastes everyone's time to look at something that should have been deleted. The ability to edit or cleanly delete previously entered text is near-universal in systems that store user-entered text, and there are many good reasons for this.


In addition to those universally applicable reasons, the CC interface makes it easy to attach a comment or defect to the wrong line,. Further, the basic model of file-at-a-time reviewing with no global search or symbol lookup makes it difficult to review large or multi-file changes. When reviewing such changes, I often make comments that become moot when later functions or files are examined. I'm then reduced to either entering a later "never mind" comment (strikeout is only a slight improvement, because most authors are still going to waste time reding it) and/or effectively implementing my own "undo" by keeping all my comments and defects in a separate text file until I'm completely done, then going back in a second pass and actually entering them.