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7 years ago
New Idea

Convert "restricted" ASCII file types to TXT (or another safe format) on upload

We have users that can no longer upload certain file types (for example, .SH, .BAT, etc. which do need to be peer reviewed) because they are restricted file types.


I understand the need for this feature and think it is a good idea to block potentially malicious files from being uploaded, however we are trying to figure out a good way to leverage this feature yet still accommodate users who need to upload and peer review these sorts of files.  Renaming the extension to .TXT before upload is a workaround but doesn't work well when trying to upload from source control.


What would be great is if in addition to "Restricted File Types", Collaborator had an additional list of "Restricted File Types - Convert to Safe Format" that would automatically convert these files into a safe format - maybe by automatically adding at .TXT extension?  This would allow users to peer review scripting-type files to the server, and protect the rest of the user community from potentially malicious uploads at the same time.

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