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10 years ago

Clone / Copy Review

For iterative projects, there will often be a review created for the same work product at each iteration, and typically the general details and participant list don't change much between reviews.  Would be great to be able to clone the general details of the previously completed review (review title, participant list, template, custom fields, etc), then all a user would have to do is verify the copied review details are correct, upload the new file, and click begin review.


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    I just ran into a situation where I wanted to copy an existing review.


    Sadly there are 60 files in the review that I just created.

    The review needs to be split into several reviews with different people reviewing different functions.

    It seems that a copy, paste, and selective delete would be the best way to do this.


    I am aware that I can put notes in the one big review instructing reviewers what they need to review.  However, that's a muddle.


    If you get enough yes votes, I would like to see this feature.  I was expecting it to already be in the product.





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    I also just ran into another instance where this would be useful.


    Someone uploaded a reference document to a review (See previous request for a 'reference document upload' feature.


    A reviewer accidentally inspected the reference document, and found legitimate defects.   We would love to have this document and defects moved into it's own stand-alone inspection, moving both the document and defects to the new inspection.   A Copy review feature would make this useful  (and maybe easier to implement than a feature to move defects from one review to another...)


    - J

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    This would be nice to have, but not a priority for my team at all.  I have never had a request for this.