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6 years ago

Allow Deletion of Individual Review Uploads

We're human.  We make mistakes.  And some of us are fastidious.  I hate seeing files which were wrongly uploaded or obsolete in my list of files to review.  Also, most of us like to be efficient.  We don't want to have to delete our whole uploaded file list just to clean up a few files.  We should be allowed to delete individual review uploads.  You have a nice tool, but it is frustrating not to be able to do so.


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    Not only that, but the inability to delete is buggy.  I'm here 2 min after accidentally adding a changelist to a review, no comments, no defects, and it errors out trying to delete the changelist.

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    New Idea

    Collaborator 13.7 (released 9 Jun 2021) and higher allows to delete single selected file (last uploaded version of that file) for manually uploaded set of files.

    Please notice that such deletion was intentionally not implemented for changelists, added from GitHub, GitLab, etc. or SCMs,, because such committed changelists are considered as atomic and user can add/delete whole changelist only.


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    Accepted for Discussion

    In Collaborator 14.2 we added possibility for admins to delete manually uploaded files even if they have comments/bugs.