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9 years ago
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Add ability to delete reviews for record retention (regulatory) requirements

For regulatory purposes, we  must follow record retention requirements.  This means we must delete code reviews older than 5 years old (note: this period of time may vary from company to company or industry to industry).  In Collaborator, there is not a way to delete code reviews, unless they are in the planning stage.  Therefore, we are not in compliance with this requirement.  


Request an administrative feature be added to Collaborator that either:

  1. Provides an on-demand capability which enables an admin to go in and push a button (with a confirmation window), to delete all code reviews older than x years old, where the users is able to select the number of years
  2. Enables an admin to set a retention schedule (to select the number of years), and Collaborator would then on a weekly or monthly basis automatically delete any reviews older than the selected time period automatically, without user intervention.


Either method should delete all code reviews in both the database and the flat files on the server in content cache.  I actually prefer method (b), but wanted to suggest (a) also, for whatever is possible to help us be in compliance with retention requirements.


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    The solution to this ideally would also account for users who don't necessarily want to delete the review records, but just the content cache for reviews > X days/months/years (see this feature request).


    So possibly the solution for this would provide the user the option to delete the review records, the content cache, or both for completed reviews of a certain age.

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    We also have the requirement to delete certain Reviews after a defined time

  • I would add that archiving older reviews should also be an option. Not simply deleting.