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2 years ago
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Zephyr - Need feature to track audit logs by Project

Hello team,

We are having difficulty to filter out audit logs from Zephyr UI. We have the option to search by Entity, Operation, User & date range. This search won't help us to find out logs where different project related activities performed across the Zephyr Instance. So in this case, we need to export logs in excel and search logs by project.

It will be good if we have a project filter in Audit logs, where we can have results by project as well.

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    I would definitely second this idea.

    At the moment I use PowerBI to grab the audit logs, using the API, and using the 'Data' field, strip the HTML tags to give a clean text string, but then the challenge starts.


    The audit logs are a nightmare of inconsistencies, to isolate the project name. so far I have identified.....

    8 different way to delineate the end of the projectname (the following item is the release) due to variations in the spelling of keyword 'release' and the number and type of characters preceeding the word release (1 or spaces, '(', '.',').

    7 different ways denote that the following is a project name (notwithstanding that the word 'Project' is often used in the name of the project). The keyword 'project' is spelt 3 different ways, and followed by a variety of different characters.

    I could live with it if it was consistent, but there are so many edge cases to deal with.

    I have something like 7 tickets with Smartbear to fix different cases, but bringing out the project as a seperated field in the audit logs, would be a big help.